Awesome Halloween Nail Art Designs Step by Step

Make the eerie night of October 31st even creepier by donning a spooky mani that will ward off the most scary of ghosts. From orange and black tones and spider web designs, there are so many ways to get your spook on. You can even purchase nail decals if you don’t fancy making your own design or why not get a Halloween themed nail stamping kit that you can take out every year to use. Get creative and take inspiration from these Halloween Nail Art ideas.

Halloween Nail Art Designs

1. Skulls

Without doubt, skulls are a must for Halloween – especially if you paint them on your nails. Start a black base coat and begin to create your skull using white as shown in the steps.
source instagram


If you find yourself in need of a hero in a half shell then why not paint them on your nails instead. Start with a turtle green base coat and follow the steps in the illustrated tutorial.

3. Spiderman

A great mani to wear if your other half is donning a Spiderman costume and you can get away with not dressing up because your nails are already there.

Halloween Nails

We have included this video tutorial from 20 Nails to show you more ideas.

4. Neon Spook

Neon Spook
Neon colors work really well with a Halloween themed manicure.

5. Step by Step Skull

Halloween Nail Art Designs
It’s easy to paint a skull on your tips with this step by step guide.

6. 3D Ghost Face

Halloween Nail Art Designs
Design some fearsome fingertips with the use of black foil gel to create the stunning 3D effect ghosts on your talons.
source youtube

7. Minions

This is the cuter side of Halloween and a great one to paint your little minions nails.

8. Halloween Nail Art

Halloween Nail Art
Bring Halloween characters to life by painting them on your nails – the vampire on the ring finger is so cute .

9. Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington
If you love the movie by Tim Burton then this is the mani for you. You’ll need black and white nail polish and a fine tip brush. This nail art design is super quick to recreate and uses only a minimum amount of colors.

10. Haunted House

Haunted House
The haunted house look works great to get spooky talons.

11. Spiderweb

Spooky spiderwebs look great on nails and go with pretty much any costume you have in mind.

12. Graveyard

Spook everyone out with these graveyard nails complete with eerie background skies.

13. Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas
It’s hard not to take inspiration from this classic movie when it comes to spooky makeup and nails.

14. Black & Orange Stiletto Nails

Black & Orange Stiletto Nails
Bettycakezz is the artist behind these stunning Black & Orange Stiletto Nails.
source instagram

15. Fire

Heat the room with these fire like nails that ooze Halloween glamour.

16. Orange with Black Spiderweb

Orange with Black Spiderweb
Lexi Martone created these favorite spooky season nails.
source instagram

17. Red with Black Spiderweb

Red with Black Spiderweb
Make a statement with these red with Black Spiderweb nails.

18. Neon Zombie

Neon Zombie
Channel Zombie vibes with these awesome neon nails.

19. Jack Skellington Nails

Jack skellington nails
These Nightmare before Christmas nails are the work of nail fuel who creates stunning nail designs.
source instagram

20. Space Nails

Space Nails
Reach for the stars with these space inspired talons created by Allies Nails.
source instagram

21. Halloween Themed Nails

These amazing nails were created by Chrissie Pearce – the pumpkin peeping from the index nail is just adorable.
source instagram

22. Purple ombre

Purple ombre
Create an air of mystery with Purple ombre nails.

23. Spiders

These custom mixed acrylics were created by Ales nails.
source instagram

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