DIY Dollar Store Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Are you getting married ? Planning the big day is such an exciting time. You will be thinking of color schemes, the dress, decorations and what food to serve on the day. Perhaps you want to keep the cost down and that is easier to achieve than you would think. If you are a bride on a budget then you will no doubt be researching frugal ways to celebrate.

There are a myriad of possibilities with items that can be up-cycled and recycled. After all, the saying goes that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Taking a trip to your local dollar store, you will find limitless items that can be made to look really expensive with a bit of imagination and creativity.
You really can save a fortune on your big day with these Dollar Store Wedding Ideas and still host an occasion worthy of a bridal magazine spread.

1. Dollar Store Candle Holders

Dollar Store Wedding Ideas
To recreate these , purchase some dollar store candle holders and spray paint them gold.

2. Bling Vases

Dollar Store Wedding Ideas
It’s amazing how you can transform dollar tree vases using bling ribbon, dollar store flowers, clear marbles and gold trays. You can also purchases the candles cheaply too.

3. Vintage Vases

Dollar Store Wedding Ideas
If you are looking to create a more rustic theme then these white bottles are perfect to place flowers in.

4. Cake Stands

Dollar Store Wedding Ideas
Gluing some dollar store candle holders to plates creates this beautiful dessert stand.

5. Gold Balls

Dollar Store Wedding Ideas
These ornaments would also look great for a Christmas party. Use dollar store gold thumbtacks and styrofoam balls to recreate. You could also put each ball in a champagne glass for the wow factor.

6. Photo Centerpiece

Dollar Store Wedding Ideas
A couple of dollar store frames glued together with specially selected pictures makes up this unique photo centerpiece.

7. Different Sized Candles

Dollar Store Wedding Ideas
To add a dramatic effect use candles of different heights in glass vases.

8. Roses & Pearls Centerpiece

Create a romantic centerpiece using dollar store roses and pearls placed into a fish bowl. Add decorations like butterflies and place on a mirrored tray with candles surrounding it.

9. Jazzed up Vases

Dollar Store Wedding Ideas
Give tired vases a makeover with bling ribbon from the dollar store.

10. Plate Guest Book

Dollar Store Wedding Ideas
Make memories with this dollar store plate and some sharpies. Bake at 425 degrees for 30 minutes.

11. Dollar Store Wedding Ideas

Dollar Store Wedding Ideas
Imagine serving breakfast up on this every morning – a great way to remember your “I do’s”.

12. Dollar Store Tray Guest Book

Dollar Store Wedding Ideas
This is a very inexpensive Cupcake Tower made with items from the Dollar Store. You’ll need small, medium and large plates as well as candlestick holders, super glue a tea cup and optional flowers.

13. Succulent Centerpieces

Dollar Store Wedding Ideas
Succulents can be purchased for $1 each and this is ideal for a wine country themed wedding. Pop the succulent on top of 9 wine corks and moss in square vases from the dollar store.

14. Monogram Candle

Dollar Store Wedding Ideas

15. Lucky Bamboo

dollar store wedding favors
Purchase square vases for and rocks to fill the vases.Add lucky bamboo and cut little tags from fabric paper with your names and the date of your wedding and attach it with ribbon. This is an inexpensive favor that will last forever.

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