DIY Halloween Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

Fall is here and leaves are turning beautiful while delicious pumpkins are ripening. If you’re throwing a party for your little nightmare this October then these DIY Halloween Baby Shower Ideas for Boys are going to be right up your street. Likewise, many of the ideas can be used for a spooky themed birthday party, not to mention just throwing a spooky party for no reason other than you may love all things ghoulish. As a matter of fact, most people do love a little bit of the macabre from time to time!

You can decorate pumpkins for centerpieces or make corsages from Halloween patterned ribbons for instance. Get guests involved while you serve them treats by giving them cute games to play such as guess the pumpkins for example. In addition to this, you could also get spooky pinatas and fill them with Halloween treats for guests to enjoy. Equally important is to make sure your guests are well hydrated, so make sure to get some drinks prepared too. So check out these ideas for inspiration for your Spooky Baby Shower.

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

1. Mummy to Be Corsage

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas
A corsage is so easy to make and is a must for the “Mummy” to be. With this in mind, simply purchase black ribbon as well as Halloween decorated ribbon to recreate this idea. By the same token, you could also recreate this idea for Christmas or Spring or whatever other theme you want by simply switching out the colors.

2. Guess the number of pumpkins

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas
Regardless of what plans you have for entertainment, games are a must for a baby shower. So, for a fun game, place a certain amount of pumpkins in a jar and have your guests guess the correct amount to win a prize. An example of a prize could be a gift card for a coffee shop or maybe some cute nail polishes from the dollar store. As well as this, you could put Halloween patterned baby socks into a jar for giests to guess too.

3. Belly Cake

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas
Not only can you treat your guests to a slice of belly cake for dessert but you can also choose whatever you like for the belly cake, for example you might want to go with a Harry Potter character or a vampire and so on. Equally, you could make a tear apart cupcake cake which will most definitely satisfy your guests sweet tooth.

Halloween Baby Shower Prep

We have included this video tutorial from The Moran Family to show you more ideas. As well as this, you are shown how to prep your party.

4. Candy Corn Bottles

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas
Clearly, these will make great favors to hand out. Simply purchase a batch of dolls bottles and add sweets such as candy corn. As another idea, you could use orange and brown MandM’s for Fall or Halloween.

5. Cheese Monsters

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas
Make these edible monsters using Mini Babybel cheeses and cut scary faces into them. Add googly eyes and your monster is complete. Alternatively, you could use another treat or snack of your choice to make these edible monsters.
source danyabanya

6. Expecting a Nightmare Cake

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas
Give a nod to the Nightmare before Christmas film with this cake. Although your precious bundle will surely not be a nightmare, this is nonetheless a very cute cake.

7. Halloween Baby Diaper Cake

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas
A diaper cake is so easy to make and doubles up nicely as a centerpiece on the day. Simply put, you’ll need supplies including diapers, ribbon , paper towel tubes, scotch tape, straight pins, hot glue and hot glue gun. It’s a versatile piece that can really dress up your party. Furthermore, you can change the colors to suit the theme  – for example if hosting a Christmas themed baby shower then use red and green colors, especially if you are thinking of a Grinch theme for example.

Printable Baby Shower Game

baby sock hunt game

8. Halloween Baby Shower Cookies

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas
These cookies will go down a treat. Buy Halloween themed cookie cutters and use a basic recipe for sugar cookies or pre-made dough. Ice in colors such as orange and white. By contrast, you could always use black and purple if so desired.

9. Halloween Corsages

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas
This is another fun idea for Halloween corsages. Additionally they could equally be used for any Halloween themed event.

10. Halloween Mason Jar Centerpiece

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas
In the same way this decoration is perfect for a spooky shower – these creepy jars would also be great for any Halloween themed party.

11. Mummy Baby Bump Cake

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas
Another idea for a fun belly cake which obviously is clearly a popular choice for a baby shower. Evidently it is one of the only appropriate times for such a cake.

12. Nightmare Before Christmas Diaper Cake

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas
This Diaper Cake would make an ideal centerpiece for your fall baby shower. Use cardboard to cut out 3 different sized circles for each tier of your cake. Roll diapers and secure with elastic bands to fill each tier. Use Halloween themed paper and ribbons for the trim.

13. Pumpkin Backdrop

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas
Undoubtedly, a Pumpkin Backdrop is perfect for photo ops.Simply paint 4 pumpkins in white and paint each with the letters b,a, b and y .

14. Halloween Baby Shower Pumpkins

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas
Whereas some DIYs are not the easiest, it is not the case for this one. To recreate this idea simply paint three pumpkins in white and spell out “Boy”. Indeed it is a very sweet idea as a centerpiece and so easy to make.

15. Pumpkin Cake Pops

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas
These cake pops are almost too cute to eat. You’ll need white and orange candy melts for the frosting, especially since these are most definitely the classic colors of Halloween.

16. Pumpkin Shaped Veggie Platter

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas
Satisfy the vegetarians at your party with this veggie platter shaped like a pumpkin. Moreover, it is a great way to inject healthy snacks to your party which conversely we can tend to forget to do.

17. Witches Brooms

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas
Never underestimate the power of peanut butter when it comes to making great party food, especially since it’s practically a staple in our cupboards. This treat is sure to satisfy all the sweet toothes. You’ll need mini reeces peanut butter cups and pretzels to recreate this idea.
source thekitchenmagpie

18. Spider Pumpkin Votives

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas
Apart from people who really hate spiders, these votives are the perfect addition to your fright themed gathering. Along with this you could also have battery operated fairy lights to really illuminate the display.

19. Pumpkin and Roses Centerpiece

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas
White pumpkin and baby pink roses which could also be swapped for blue are perfect for a “little pumpkin” theme baby shower. Since these are so pretty looking , it would also work fantastically for a other Fall themed occasions such as a bridal shower or wedding for example. In addition to this , it could also be used for a birthday party too.

20. Bat Wings

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas
In spite of their corniness, absolutely everybody loves a good pun – so make chicken wings and make a sign for them saying ‘Bat Wings’. There are so many puns you can use for Halloween food and another great idea is to incorporate healthy snacks and fruit too.

21. Baby Shower Cake

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas
For a uniquely and funny baby shower cake take inspiration from the Theme of nightmare on elm street. Simililarly, you could choose any other scary film for your inspiration.

22. Baby Pumpkins

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas
Last but not least is this simple but adorable idea and works great as a photo prop. Simply place a pacifier in the pumpkin and draw a face. Moreover, you can add items like a baby hat or ribbons for extra authenticity. On the other hand, if you prefer simplicity you can keep it as pared back as you like.

Printable Baby Shower Games

diy shark party

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