DIY Mermaid Birthday Party for Kids

If you want to throw a party under the sea for your little sea creature – then check out these fun Mermaid Birthday Party ideas that will bring the ocean to your door.

1. Sprinkles Mix Cupcakes

Sprinkles Mix Cupcakes
Instructions Sprinkles Mix Cupcakes

If you are feeling like pushing the boat out further you can add plenty of variety with these cupcakes

2. Pink & Blue

Pink & Blue

So simple and rewarding

3. Mermaid Rice Krispie Bars

Mermaid Rice Krispie Bars

4. Mermaid Mallow Pops

Mermaid Mallow Pops

5. Dipped Strawberries

Dipped Strawberries

Cake pops can be quite challenging and time consuming, however they are worth every minute when complete.  There is a good set of instructions to get you started under the Ariel cake pops 3 images down.

6. Sea Themed Cake Pops

Sea Themed Cake Pops

7. Glitzy Pops

Glitzy Pops

8. Ariel Cake Pop

Ariel Cake Pop
Instructions Ariel Cake Pop

9. Octopus Cookies

Octopus Cookies

10. Seaweed

Use green apple licorice to make this fun themed treat.

11. Croissant Crabs

Croissant Crabs

Its amazing how much difference a toothpick or two can make to the humble croissant

12. Starfish


These buckets can be purchased for cheap and really add a special twist to a aqua themed party

13. Snack Buckets

Snack Buckets

14. Seaweed Decor

Seaweed Decor

15. Shortbread Pearls

Shortbread Pearls

This couldn’t be simpler and the effect is amazing

16. Meringue Cookies

Meringue Cookies

17. Ariel Themed Sweet Cones

Ariel Themed Sweet Cones

18. Mini Meringue Cones

Mini Meringue Cones

19. Cupcake Cone Desserts

Cupcake Cone Desserts

As you can see, the cone gives the impression of a mermaid tail. There are countless combinations that you can achieve with this tail effect and it is fun to experiment with new and whacky colors.

20. Mermaid Centerpieces

Mermaid Centerpieces

21. Sweet Favors

Sweet Favors

This is the perfect way to add bright and vivid colors for you next get together