DIY Mermaid Birthday Party for Kids

Dive into the world of magic and enchantment with these 15 extraordinary mermaid birthday party ideas. If you’re looking to create an unforgettable underwater adventure for your little one and their friends, you’ve come to the right place. From transforming your party space into an enchanting underwater paradise to organizing a variety of mermaid-themed treats, we have everything you need to make a splash at your child’s birthday celebration.
If you want to throw an under the sea themed party for your little sea creature – then check out these fun Mermaid Birthday Party ideas that will bring the ocean to your door.
15 DIY Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

1. Mermaid Tail Cupcakes

15 DIY Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas
Using a mold, each tail takes about 2-3 hours to set, so make sure to make them in advance.
Instructions Mermaid Tail Cupcakes
If you are feeling like pushing the boat out further you can add plenty of variety with these cupcakes

2. Mermaid Tail Pull Apart Cupcakes

15 DIY Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas
Create a magical mermaid birthday celebration with these 24 delicious cupcakes! Transform them into a mermaid’s tail by arranging them in the perfect shape. For the body of the tail, combine violet and pink buttercream frosting using tip #826 for a stunning dual-colored effect. Use tip #2D with teal frosting to add intricate designs to the tail, and don’t forget to frost the fins with the same color and tip. To complete the look, add a border between the body and fins using all three frosting colors with tip #826. Give your mermaid tail a touch of elegance with edible white pearls on top and shimmering pearl glitter all over. These cupcakes are guaranteed to make a splash at your mermaid-themed birthday party!

3. Mermaid Rice Krispie Bars

15 DIY Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas
Get ready to create some yummy mermaid treats with this awesome recipe for Mermaid Rice Krispie Treats. You only need a few simple things like Rice Krispies, colorful candy melts, oil, and sprinkles to make these delicious treats. If you want to add candy shells, make sure to start them ahead of time. Just put a stick into each Rice Krispie treat, melt the candy and oil together, and dip the treats into it. Add some pearl sprinkles and homemade shells if you want and let them set before serving. These treats will definitely be a hit at any mermaid party!

4. Mermaid Mallow Pops

15 DIY Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas
These delightful mallow pops are sure to be a hit. All you need are large marshmallows and some edible glitter to create the perfect mermaid fin. It’s a treat that’s great for kids and adults alike!

5. Dipped Strawberries

15 DIY Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas
Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Under The Sea Party. You’ll need strawberries and candy melts in blue and purple and green to make these delicious treats.

6. Mermaid Party Favors

15 DIY Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas
Make a splash at your mermaid birthday party with these adorable party favors! Purchase plastic glasses and either paint or make fins to go on the bottom of the stem. Then fill with colorful M&Ms and top with delicious cupcakes. They are the perfect treat for your under-the-sea celebration.

7. Seaweed Treat

15 DIY Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas
Create a whimsical under-the-sea birthday treat with this simple trick: Fill a vase with green apple licorice, perfectly resembling the look of seaweed. Your mermaid birthday celebration will be complete with this tasty and playful touch.

8. Shortbread Pearls

15 DIY Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas
Looking for a delicious and fun treat for your ocean or under the sea themed party? These oyster pearl cookies are just what you need! They are easy to make and taste really good.


– Lemon Pepperidge Farm cookies
– Aqua food coloring
– White icing
– Large white pearl Sixlets


1. Mix the aqua food coloring with the white icing.
2. Spread the colored icing on the back of half of the cookies.
3. Put a large white “pearl” sixlet on top of the icing, towards the front of the cookie.
4. Take another cookie and place it on top of the icing and pearl, making a clam or oyster shape.

9. Star Fish Shaped Sandwiches

15 DIY Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas
Looking for a delicious and simple treat for your beach or mermaid themed birthday party? Try making these scrumptious Starfish Sandwiches! With just a cookie cutter and some sandwich ingredients, you can create these cute star-shaped snacks that are sure to be a hit with everyone. Plus, they’re perfect for a beach-themed celebration or a mermaid lover’s bash.

10. Mermaid Centerpieces

15 DIY Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas
Say goodbye to traditional floral arrangements and embrace the magical allure of mermaids. Instead of plain vases, fill them with shiny blue stones to mimic the ocean’s sparkling waters. Not only is this idea easy to recreate, it will instantly transport your guests to an underwater paradise.

11. Croissant Crabs

15 DIY Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas
Make these delicious chicken salad crab sandwiches served on flaky croissants. Take it to the next level by transforming them into adorable croissant crabs made by gluing googly eyes onto wooden skewers. Your guests will be hooked!

12. Dipped Pretzel Rods

15 DIY Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas
Make these irresistible pretzel rods dipped in dreamy blue chocolate and adorned with crunchy goldfish crackers. Simple yet chic, these treats are guaranteed to keep the ocean vibes going.

13. Snack Buckets

15 DIY Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas
Make an impression with this fun and creative serving idea: substitute boring bowls for beach buckets and shovels! Not only will it add a playful touch to your party decor, but it will also make snack time an exciting adventure for your little mermaids. Plus, cleanup will be a breeze.

14. Mini Meringue Cones

15 DIY Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas
To make these adorable meringue cones, simply gather waffle cones, mini meringues, and treat bags, and get ready to create the sweetest favors your guests will love. Not only are they visually appealing, but they also make for a delicious treat to bring home. Plus, add a touch of mermaid magic by adorning the bottom of the cones with shimmering fins made from glitter card stock.

15. Treats in a Bottle

15 DIY Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas
We’ve all heard of a message in a bottle – so why not serve little party favors like candy in a bottle to give as gifts to guests. You can purchase potion bottles to put the sweets into online.

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