DIY Pickle Jar Snowman

DIY Pickle Jar Snowman

A great way to recycle any jars you may have lying around your house is to turn them into these cute snowmen in time for Christmas. You can use 1 gallon glass pickle bottles or indeed just use two different sized fish bowls. Also the rest of the materials used are from the dollar store so that makes this a very cost effective craft. To get the frosted effect you can use mod podge and epsom salt. You can also vary your design for example you could make a winter scene in the jar of the snowman’s body to turn it into a snow globe.

DIY Pickle Jar Snowman

Beautiful with lights

Painted Snowman Globe

…or without

Pickle Jar Snowmen

Frosted Snowman Globe

Christmas Party Game

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See the Printable on Etsy

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