Easy DIY Valentines Nail Designs for Short Nails

The 14th of February is a time for all lovers to celebrate. Most likely, you will be going out for a romantic date and you’ll want to look your best. Once you’ve decided on the outfit hair and makeup – it’s time to pay attention to your digits. So transform your mani with these Valentines Nail Designs that will make your other half swoon.

1. Flying Heart Nails

Flying Heart Nails
Send a romantic message with these cute flying heart nails complete with little flight lines on the feature nail.
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2. Accent Heart Nail

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3. Arrow Nails

Arrow Nails
Cupid’s arrow strikes with these adorable nail designs. Use a base coat of hot pink and use silver and black on the accent nails.
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4. Black & Pink

Black & Pink
Black and pink look delightful on nails especially with the accent color of silver. Create the zebra design using a fine tip brush.
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5. Confetti Hearts

Confetti Hearts
Confetti hearts are perfect for sticking on your nails for the day of love. You can use any color base coat you enjoy – because the hearts speak for themselves.

6. Heart Beat

Heart Beat
Make your crush’s heart skip a beat with this romantic heartbeat pattern. Paint your nails in a soft gray base coat and use a glittery top coat. Complete the design using black acrylic paint or you can purchase nail decals.
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7. Hot Pink

Hot Pink
Introduce the romance to your tips with a hot pink mani and a plain white accent nail showered with love.

8. Pink & Purple Hearts

Pink & Purple Hearts
Bring the sweetness of sweetheart candy to your tips with these delicately painted pastel nails in purple and pink.
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9. Pink Glitter Heart

Pink Glitter Heart
Create a delicate pink glitter heart with the use of a stencil on the nail of your choice.
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10. Red & White

Red & White

11. Red Hearts

Red Hearts
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12. Red Stilletto Nails

Red Stilletto Nails
Pack a punch with stiletto nails in ruby red glitter.

13. Sparkle Heart Tips

Sparkle Heart Tips
Add a twist to the classic French Manicure by highlighting with glitter and adding a little heart on each tip.

14. Purple Hearts

Purple Hearts

15. Valentines Nail Art

valentines nail art

16. Valentines Nail Art

Valentines Nail Art

17. Heart Nails

Valentines Nail Art

18. Hearty Nails

Valentines Nail Art
These flirty nails will look red hot on your date night.