Easy Unicorn Piñata

Easy Unicorn Piñata

What could be a better addition to your party than a sparkly unicorn pinata with a rainbow mane! And you can even customize to carry the initial of the birthday girl.  It really isn’t as difficult as it seems and I am  always amazed how much you can do with cardboard.

unicorn dreaming

Unicorn for a Katie
Unicorn Piñata

Sparkly Star Design

Shiny Unicorn Pinata

These I decided to include just to give more inspiration and template ideas

Unicorn Napping

Ribbon Mane

Bright Eyed Unicorn

Sparkly Horn

Princess Unicorn

Curly Mane

Unicorn Head

I feel that this shape makes for a better target as it is a bit easier to hit

Round Head

Cookie Unicorn Pinata

This might be my favorite one – because it looks a lot like a cookie

Gold Outline