Easy DIY Wedding Nails for Bride

If you are getting married then you will want to have perfectly manicured talons on the day – after all those fingers have to look ultra stylish for the ring shots! Maybe you are attending someone else’s nuptials – in that case you will also want beautiful nails to set off your outfit and look great in every photo. Take inspiration from these DIY Wedding Nails which you can recreate from the comfort of your own home without having to attend an expensive salon.

1. Glam French Manicure

Glam French Manicure
Give a French manicure a glamorous makeover by adding a feature nail covered with delicate crystals.

2. White Sparkle

White Sparkle
White frosted nails teamed with glitter makes your nails look perfect for the day.

3. Tiffany

If your color theme is blue then these nails would look great on your bridesmaids – especially for a Breakfast at Tiffany theme.

4. Bling Tips

Bling Tips
Add bling gems to the tips of nails and highlight the bling of your ring.

5. Simple Studs

Simple Studs

6. Rhinestones

For a special occasion such as a wedding, you really can’t go wrong woth adding dazzling rhinestones in a pattern you enjoy on your nails.

7. Lace Inspired

Lace Inspired
Team lace wedding dresses with beautiful lace inspired nail art.

8. Romantic Rose

Romantic Rose
Give plain white nails a lift by giving a splash of color with a romantic red rose painted on the ring finger nail.

9. Nude Nails

Nude Nails
Nude nails are a classic so add a little twist by adding glitter to the tips.

10. Delicate Flower

Delicate Flower
Painting a delicate flower at the tip of your nails highlights pretty flowers on your wedding dress.

11. 3D Pearls

3D Pearls
Set off a pearl necklace by adding little pearls to your nails.

12. Soft Pink

Soft Pink
Pink with bling studs would look especially good on bridesmaids if you have a silver and pink theme.

13. Beautiful Lace

Beautiful Lace

14. Frosted


15. Rose Gold Highlight

Rose Gold Highlight

16. Ballerina Nails

Ballerina Nails

17. Simple Leaves

Simple Leaves

18. Bejeweled


19. 3D Acrylic Nails

3D Acrylic Nails

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